Thanks, Netflix, for letting me know via email that S4 of The Walking Dead is now in the catalog.


I’m just about done with S2 and I feel like they spoiled a big part of S3 (but I’m not sure). I feel the same way with the little summaries that they have for each episode.

I’m spending my Friday night helping my sister get lice out of my niece’s hair.

This is the one time I’m glad I’m bald(-ing).

One week


One week


My “real” birthday yesterday was uneventful, which was fine. But my sister did surprise me with this Doctor Who book (I told her I really didn’t know what I wanted for my birthday and I was fine if she didn’t get me anything, so this was definitely a surprise). It’s a pretty cool book and I like the layout/formatting of it all. I also got a $50 iTunes gift card from my parents.

Today, I dunno… I just felt blah. It may have been some of the stuff I ate yesterday (I have gone a little overboard heh). I still feel that way, but after running I feel a little bit better. 

Tomorrow it’s back to work.

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First off: Fantastic start to the day/week. A 4 lb loss over last week. Last week was a HUGE win for me in every way. I tracked every single day and tracked probably 95% or more of my calories (I know I missed a few things but overall I did very well), I didn’t let any stress from work get to me, and I exercised twice. So I’m really happy.

And then my run. Completed W1 of the program (was gonna do it yesterday but I’m glad I didn’t because I had a busy night at work).

Finally, my birthday dinner (I turn 26 tomorrow). We went to this nice seafood place in South Austin called Perla’s. Expensive, but SO worth it. They fly in their seafood fresh every day. I tried raw oysters for the first time (they were okay, not a fan of the sliminess) as well as grilled octopus. And for my main dish, I got pan roasted Alaskan halibut with lump crab and an avocado and tarragon risotto. I gotta say, I never would have thought to pair avocado with risotto, but it’s freaking delicious. Gives it an even creamier texture. Not pictured, the side of brussels sprouts. I also had this salted butterscotch pudding thing for dessert. Amazing.

I’m sure I went over my calories today, but I don’t care because (1) I exercised today, and (2) it was my birthday dinner.

Today was all around an awesome day.

Work last night.

Oh man, craziest Saturday night yet. Won’t go into details, but I will say that there was a customer that was being REALLY over-dramatic. You would have thought someone murdered her husband right in front of her.

Also got someone who was clearly on drugs waltzing in the store and looking at stuff the last 5 minutes before we closed.

Forgot to post last night, but I did W1D2 of c25k yesterday. It felt great. I originally was going to do it Wednesday, but pushed it back to one of my days off. D3 will be Sunday morning.

For dinner last night, I made BBQ beef chili and corn casserole. I wanted to make cornbread but lost the recipe so I made this, it was good but definitely is not cornbread, too mushy. But the chili was delicious. And both low-calorie too.

And, the other great thing, is that this week has been going SO SMOOTH. Yes, I’ve had a few issues at work, but for some reason I don’t want to deal with it by burying my face in food. Yesterday, I wanted a donut, so I bought a couple but didn’t go overboard, and so far this week I’ve met my calorie goals every day. As long as today and tomorrow go great, I’m definitely looking at a loss of a few pounds on Monday.